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A FREE tool designed to help you monitor your financial accounts and stay on top of your personal finances

Our users have reported an average of $5K+ positive impact on their personal finances

Track Your Money, Finances And Investments Easily For FREE

The Most Comprehensive Money Management Application

MoneyPatrol offers a gamut of features and functions for effective and successful money management. The application is designed specifically to help you focus on understanding your finances better so that you can monitor spending, improve savings, lower debts, improve credit score, grow investments and increase net worth.

Organize Finances

Connect All Your Financial Accounts – link Credit Cards, Checking, Savings, Loan, Investments, Mortgage, and Reward Accounts.

Monitor Transactions

See all your transactions, track you income, expenses, payments, and transfers. Spot unauthorized and fraudulent transactions.

Get Money Alerts and Insights

Get alerts about money coming in and going out of your accounts. Receive detailed insights about your spending and expense patterns.

Set and Manage Budgets

Create detailed budgets to track your spend by Merchants, Categories, and Tags. Receive timely alerts that help you stay within your Budgets.

Receive Bill Reminders

Get Reminders in advance about upcoming Bills and recurring subscriptions. Don’t miss any payments, get penalized, or default on your Bills.

Save Receipts & Documents

Upload and store all your receipts, invoices, and important documents in a secure document vault. Extract data from Receipts.

Track Investments

Connect and track your Investment accounts such as Stocks, Crypto, 401K and Roth IRA contributions with overall portfolio breakdown.

Check Net Worth

Check your Net Worth by tracking the value of your assets and outstanding liabilities including various loans, mortgages and debts.

Generate Reports

View detailed weekly and monthly trend reports to see your money patterns; download these reports in pdf and excel file formats.

Lower Your Debts

Track all your debts including Credit Cards, Student Loans, Car Loans and Mortgages. Create and follow debt payoff plans.

Reconcile Accounts

Perform account reconciliation to ensure all your transactions are in the system so that you can trust the accuracy of the data.

Improve Credit Score

Download Equifax Credit Reports and understand in detail your Credit Score along with the reported debts and liabilities.

Perform Cash Flow Analysis

Understand your Cash Flow by seeing in detail the Inflows and Outflows happening across all your bank and credit card accounts.

Categorize Transactions

Add custom categories and create rules to auto-categorize transactions including the auto-update of merchant names.

Integrate With Excel

Use the MoneyPatrol Excel Add-In to download your transactions directly into Excel to perform additional analytics on your financial data.

Review Transactions

Review and accept every transaction as they come into the MoneyPatrol system. Change categories, cleand merchant names, apply rules, add tags, record memos, attach receipts, split transactions and do much more.

Plan And Forecast

See your fixed and variable expenses by month, plan for the entire year and forecast how much money you will need to meet expected and unexpected life events so that you can be prepared financially when those events happen.

View Calendar

See all your transactions, utility bills, recurring subscriptions and credit card and loan payments by day in a Calendar format so that you can clearly see what is going to hit your accounts and when and plan accordingly.

File Taxes

See how much refund you can get and the file for your personal taxes directly through the MoneyPatrol platform at a much cheaper rate compared to other tax filing software.

Access Calculators

Access 100+ financial calculators to calculate for any financial situation and prepare for life events. Calculate your interest payments, money needed to retire, investment growth and what it would take to become a millionaire.

Research Investments

Perform research on stock market, stock quotes and crypto currency performances. Create bookmarks to track and follow news and performances of any company as well as crypto coins.

Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans are designed to be flexible and transparent, so that you can choose the one that fits your budget. Whether you’re just embarking on your financial journey or you’re an expert in personal accounting, we have a plan that will work for you. We offer a FOREVER FREE plan and each paid plan comes with a 7-day FREE trial. 

$0 Annual
$0 per month

Best for Income & Expense Tracking, Spend Analysis, Personal Financial Dashboard, Detailed Credit Report, Detailed Tally, Transaction Categorization, Auto Sync of Accounts

$19.99 Annual (Save $16)
$1.67 per month (billed annually)

Best for Money Management, All Account Tracking & Monitoring, Cash Flow Analysis, Bills and Receipts tracking, Categorization Rules, Alerts and Insights

$39.99 Annual (Save $32)
$3.34 per month (billed annually)

Best for Budgeting, Personal Accounting, Balance Reconciliation, Bookkeeping, Forecasting, Planning, Balances, Debts Tracking and Analysis


$69.99 Annual (Save $50)
$5.83 per month (billed annually)

Best for detailed Money Management, Budgeting, Personal Accounting, Investments, Bills, Debts, Net Worth, Credit Score, Advanced Reporting, Excel Integration

$39.99 Annual (Save $32)
$3.34 per month (billed annually)

Best for Budgeting, Personal Accounting, Balance Reconciliation, Bookkeeping, Forecasting, Planning, Balances, Debts Tracking and Analysis

$299.99 for lifetime
(Save $300)
Limited Time Offer

Pay One-time,
Use Lifetime


$69.99 Annual (Save $50)
$5.83 per month (billed annually)

Best for detailed Money Management, Budgeting, Personal Accounting, Investments, Bills, Debts, Net Worth, Credit Score, Advanced Reporting, Excel Integration

MoneyPatrol Is The Best FREE Money Management Application

MoneyPatrol provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features that cover all aspects of personal finance management. From expense tracking to budgeting to investment management and bill reminders, MoneyPatrol has you covered. Our application is FREE with affordable plans offered for advanced features.

Get Your Own Personal Finance Dashboard

MoneyPatrol’s provides you your own personal finance dashboard to help you understand in detail your transactions, balances, debts, bills, loan payments and credit score. You can customize your dashboard and set up the views you want to focus on. You can even share the dashboard with your spouse or with your financial coach, advisors and CPAs.

Get All Your Financial Accounts In One Place

MoneyPatrol links with over 20,000 financial institutions including banks, credit card companies, credit unions, billers and utility companies. See all your data in one place so that you can easily track your income, expenses, savings, investments and payments. You can even track your credit scores and get detailed view of your debts and liabilities.

Get Key Features For FREE, Never Pay A Dime

MoneyPatrol offers loads of features for FREE which will help you get started and leverage the power of the application to have an immediate positive impact on your personal finances. We also offer affordable plans if you are looking for additional features to focus on specific areas such as cash management, budgeting, account reconciliation, personal accounting and credit score monitoring.

Why Use MoneyPatrol?

MoneyPatrol’s innovative software is designed to help you stay on top of your finances, achieve your financial goals, and lead a healthy financial life. Explore our features for FREE to see how this application can have a tremendous positive impact on your financial life.

Helps you securely organize finances, monitor transactions, and track money

Sends Alerts & Reminders to help you stay on top of your finances

Assists you in staying within your budgets and save money

Helps you spot suspicious and fraudulent transactions

Helps you save your receipts and important documents

Helps you build wealth and grow your net worth

Enables you to save money and payoff debts faster

Empowers you with data to take better financial decisions

Makes you aware about your spending trends and patterns

Helps you improve your Credit Score and lower your interest rates

Download the App on your favorite Desktop and Mobile platforms

MoneyPatrol Is A Safe, Secure And Advanced Application To Track, Monitor And Manage Money

MoneyPatrol is designed to be an advanced Money Tracking, Financial Account Monitoring and Alerting application that securely monitors your financial accounts, track your spending and manage your  finances. The application combines the functionalities of multiple apps into one streamlined platform, eliminating the need for using multiple tools.

All data is securely transmitted from your financial institutions using 256-bit Military grade data encryption. Your data and information is secured and private. All data is read-only. No one can move money from one account to any other account.

MoneyPatrol has partnered with multiple data aggregators to ensure support for maximum number of financial institutions including credit card companies, banks, credit unions, and brokerages. We try our level best to ensure your data is always synced.

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User Testimonials

MoneyPatrol is a very useful and powerful product. I use it everyday to watch my spending. This product has helped us cut on junk purchases. It's basically your very own personal financial advisor and the best free money management app.
- Pete
After looking at a dozen financial planning apps, and trying my own excel sheets, I've found MoneyPatrol to be the most efficient application for tracking money and monitoring my finances. Very very thankful for this innovative free budget app.
- Jane
I love everything about MoneyPatrol and regret not setting up this money tracking app sooner. Budgeting is so easy, checking my accounts is a snap, and I get text & email alerts. I highly recommend this budgeting app.
- Sophia
I love that I can manually verify each transaction that has happened on any of my accounts. This has enabled me to pay very close attention to my spending. This money tracking app pays back in multiples and is a must-have manage bills app.
- Ted
We cannot imagine living without MoneyPatrol. It really changed our spending habits. A must have budgeting app for anyone serious about improving their financial life. This best free budget app is part of my daily routine now.
- Michael
A very simple way to look at money & finances. It's a well designed personal finance app. I am highly impressed and have highly recommended MoneyPatrol to my friends and family and they all are finding it useful.
- Anita
The text and email alerts have helped me monitor every transaction closely. Thanks to this money tracking app, I have even caught a big fraudulent transaction. Simply the best personal finance app.
- Kevin
MoneyPatrol is the only product that has shown me the correct picture of my overall Income and Expenses. It is truly the best budgeting app that has helped me control by spending and improve my savings.
- Emma