Message From The Founder Of MoneyPatrol

Message from the CEO of MoneyPatrol

Dear MoneyPatrol Community,

I am Bhushan Lengade, the Founder and CEO of MoneyPatrol. Our journey to create this innovative finance app stems from a deep desire to transform how we manage money. You can explore my story in the About Us section.

During my tenure with Mint and Quicken at Intuit, I shaped analytics, and that experience fuels my confidence in MoneyPatrol’s simplicity and effectiveness.

Before you start, I want to share a heartfelt message: MoneyPatrol is more than an app; it embodies a mindset, a philosophy dedicated to guiding you toward financial success. Life’s demands are tied to finances. It’s a reality that hits hard, especially during uncertain times like sudden job loss, economic downturns, or unforeseen challenges.

At MoneyPatrol, we’re committed to being your guide:

Remember, MoneyPatrol is more than software; it’s a tool fueled by your commitment and dedication. Thank you for investing your time. Together, let’s navigate life’s financial challenges.
With warmth and gratitude,
Bhushan Lengade
Founder, MoneyPatrol

"Life's true wealth lies not in what we gather but in what we wisely sow and nurture along the way."
Bhushan Lengade
Founder and CEO